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Flex Period

Middle School Flex Period

What is Flex Period?

Flex is a non-graded course offered at Ankeney Middle School and Coy Middle School. Flex involves every student in the school and nearly every faculty member. Flex serves administrative and daily school management functions such as student record maintenance activities. It also serves as a vehicle for group guidance activities aimed at supporting a school culture of tolerance and respect for all.

Through the Flex period, we seek to prevent students from falling through the cracks by ensuring that at least one person knows the student holistically. This course could include the following activities: study time, targeted assignments, projects, character education, college and career readiness, study skills, community service, math and reading skills, science and social studies exploration, and much more.  

Most grade-level assemblies and class meetings will be held during Flex, including district-level programs such as PBIS, Character Education, and Olweus (Anti-Bullying). The Flex period provides time to focus on school climate, celebrate students achievement, and deliver schoolwide messages without impacting core academic instruction. Students will be assigned to one teacher for the entire school year, however, they may end up working with other teachers throughout the year depending on their needs.